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So what's my point in life? Because right now I don't seem to have one.

1st session

Had my first session with the shrink, I like her, she's nice. Hopefully she can help-my next appointment its on monday, i'm looking forward to it :-)

Always Remember

I've learnt to always remember that no matter what, no matter who, life gets better.


Family is a joke, Christmas isn't happy or exciting when the people you live with have give up on you to the point where you stop caring. Went out to buy them a card today, only one left says in it 'thanks for everything you do' so yes, thanks for all the times I am blamed, thanks for all the times you've looked over my troubles, thanks for all the times you just don't give a shit.

Progressively Worsening

No matter how hard I try I can't stop it, it's getting worse. 
It is killing my confidence.

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